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Niu Xiaoji

  I. Introduction

  Dr. Xiaoji Niu is a Professor of GNSS Research Center at Wuhan University, China. He got his Ph.D. and bachelor degrees (with honor) from the Department of Precision Instruments at Tsinghua University in 2002 and 1997 respectively. He has more than 15 years of research experience focusing on inertial measurement and GNSS/INS integrated navigation systems, including 4 years of post doctoral experience in the Department of Geomatics Engineering at University of Calgary, Canada and 3 years of industry experience in Shanghai SiRF Technology Ltd., China. His current research interests focus on GNSS/INS integration technology (including deeply-coupled receiver, RTK/INS integration) and applications (including Position and Orientation System and MEMS car navigation), inertial surveying, and multi-source integrated navigation (e.g. Vision/INS robot navigation, WiFi/Mag/PDR indoor navigation).

  Dr. Niu built the first MEMS IMU based on MEMS inertial sensors made in China during his Ph.D. study, and used it for an attitude measurement system. He setup a complete research platform of MEMS IMU/GPS integrated systems for land vehicle navigation during his post-doctoral experience, and won the best presentation award of Institute of Navigation (ION) GNSS conference.. When he worked in SiRF as a senior scientist, he developed an inertial-aided GPS solution and made it product-released for more than 500k car navigation devices and PND. Dr. Niu is in charge of the researches on integrated navigation technology after joining Wuhan University through a talent introduction channel. He has setup a comprehensive R&D platform, including GNSS/INS devices, data processing software and testing facilities. He is running a research team with more than 30 members, including faculties, post doctors and graduate students. Some research outcomes of the team have been commercialized as products such as Position and Orientation Systems (POS) for mobile mapping, railway track irregularity detection, etc.

  Dr. Niu has published more than 80 academic papers (including more than 30 SCI indexed). He has 13 patents licensed (2 US and 11 Chinese patents).


  A. Work Experience

  oProfessor (Mar 2010 – Date)

   GNSS Research Center, Wuhan University

   Leading a team of around 20 researchers including 2 post doctors

   Research on INS and GNSS/INS integrated navigation systems

   Research on GNSS/INS deep integration technology

   Commercializing high precision GNSS/INS integration technique for Position and Orientation Systems (POS) for Mobile Mapping Systems (MMS)

   Commercializing compact and low-cost MEMS INS for land vehicles and UAV applications

  oSenior Scientist (Feb 2007 – Feb 2010)

   Advanced Technologies Dept.

   Shanghai SiRF Technology Co.,Ltd

   Lead R&D on dead-reckoning (DR) technology, i.e. inertial aided GPS; Technical lead of DR production projects.

   Started production release of DR firmware since Q2 2008; officially released to three customers (with shipment of more than 500k chips); two customers made product shipments.

  oResearch Scientist (Oct 2005 – Feb 2007)

   Mobile Multi-Sensor System (MMSS) Research Group

   (Supervised by Dr. Naser El-Sheimy, professor and Canada Research Chair, CRC)

   Department of Geomatics Engineering

   The University of Calgary, Canada

   Lead projects:

    •Intermap project, 2006-2007

    “Assessment of the Intermap Navigation Software and Hardware”

    Funded by Intermap Technologies Inc.

    •SiRF project – Phase II, 2005-2006

    “Inertial Aided GPS (Phase II)”

    Funded by SiRF Technology Inc.

  oPost Doctoral Fellow (Feb 2003 – Sep 2005)

   Mobile Multi-Sensor System (MMSS) Research Group

   (Supervised by Dr. Naser El-Sheimy, professor and Canada Research Chair, CRC)

   Department of Geomatics Engineering

   The University of Calgary, Canada

   Lead projects:

    •SiRF project – Phase I, 2005

    “Inertial Aided GPS (Phase I)”

    Funded by SiRF Technology Inc.

    •MEMS project, 2003-2005

    “Next Generation MEMS-Based Navigation System for Vehicles and Personal Location and Navigation”

    Funded by GEOIDE, Network Center of Excellence (NCE)

  B. Academic Record

  oPh.D. (Sep 1997 – Dec 2002)

   Navigation and Control Research Group

   (Supervised by Prof. Zhongyu Gao, Ph.D. Candidate Supervisor, Specially-Appointed Professor)

   Department of Precision Instruments

   Tsinghua University, China

   PhD dissertation: “Micromachined Attitude Measurement Unit with Application in Satellite TV Antenna Stabilization"

  oB.Sc. (with Honor) (Sep 1992 – Jul 1997)

   Department of Precision Instruments (Mechanical Engineering, Major)

   Department of Automation (Electrical Engineering, Minor)

   Tsinghua University, China

  C. Academic Award and Honor

  •The 8th National Graduate Electronic Design Contest, First prize group award, excellent advisor award (2012).

  •Smiling Face Award (best employee) at Shanghai SiRF (2008)

  •Best Paper Presentation Award of Institute of Navigation (ION) GNSS 2005 conference (Session of Integrated Navigation System with Auxiliary Sensors 2) (2005)

  •Champion of the Tsinghua "Challenge Cup" Competition (team of 4 students) (1998)

  •Graduate with Honor (1997)

  III. Research experience

  Research Interests:

  oHigh precision GNSS/INS Position and Orientation System (POS)

  oGNSS/INS deep integration (i.e. inertial-aided GNSS signal processing)

  oMEMS GNSS/INS integration technologies for land vehicles and UAV

  oInertial Surveying